Tasmanian consortium to provide LNG for heavy transport

LNG Refuellers Pty Ltd, a consortium comprising seven Tasmanian transport operators, has announced a deal with industrial gas company BOC, for the supply of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuel for over 120 natural gas powered heavy vehicles. LNG Refuellers will own and operate a network of six commercial LNG refuelling stations across Tasmania.

BOC will design and construct the entire supply chain infrastructure for the group, including the LNG road tankers and the six refuelling stations. The company will also build and operate a new Micro-LNG plant near Westbury, provided it obtains all the necessary planning and development approvals. It says the plant will able to produce around 50 tonnes of the gas every day which is the equivalent of 70,000L of diesel.

The seven Tasmanian transport operators in the LNG Refuellers Pty Ltd consortium are:

  • Chas Kelly Transport
  • KJ Padgett Pty Ltd
  • Aprin Transport
  • Les Walkden Enterprises
  • Exeter Sawmill
  • Country Roadways Pty Ltd
  • Kevin Morgan Pty Ltd

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