Trek belt drive bicycles

Not long ago I wrote about the Retrovelo Paul and stated that it was at the top of my bicycle wish list. Well, sadly that has only lasted 11 days. I’ve just discovered a bicycle that, while not having the retro styling and excellent craftsmanship (and the accompanying price tag) of the Retrovelo, has similar components plus one that brings it straight to the top of my wish list. Belt drive! No more messy chains!

Trek Soho

Trek Soho

Harley Davidson have been using belt drive for years. BMW now have it on their 800cc sports and sports tourer motocycles. It was only a matter of time before belt drive came to bicycles and Trek have done with the Soho and the District. In Australia the District will retail for $1199 and the Soho for $1699. Unfortunately I am told by my local Trek dealer that the current shipment is sold out and we’ll have to wait until January or February 2009 for the next shipment. Maybe Santa has reserve stocks.

Benefits of the belt drive are said to include a whisper-quiet ride, no chain maintenance,  it won’t leave grease marks on your hands and ankles and the guard over the belt drive and the construction of the system prevents your pants from getting caught. One belt should last you three years.

Please Santa? Pretty please??


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  2. RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) — Pedalers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. Bicycle shop manager David Oakley looks over the carbon fiber belt drive of a Trek bike at his shop in Richmond. If you’ve ever been

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