Envirofuel scans the Australian and global news for information relating to sustainable mobility in Australia and writes about it from an Australian perspective. We are not a business and we have no commercial relationships with any business in Australia or elsewhere.

On this blog worldwide news is provided by the four excellent RSS feeds in the right hand column. These are AutoblogGreen, Biopact, Checkbiotech Biofuel News and Green Car Congress. Between all four you will get good coverage of the major news in the Americas and Europe with some Australian content. Envirofuel aims to fill the gap by providing sustainable mobility news from Australia and the Asia Pacific region that has not already been covered elsewhere.

On this blog we use the term “biofuels” to refer to those fuels that are made using biological matter. This includes biodiesel, ethanol and biobutanol. When we use the term “alternative fuels” we are referring to things like electricity, hydrogen, natural gas and synthetic fuels not made from renewable feedstocks.

We seek your input. Here at Envirofuel we are interested in truly sustainable mobility. For this reason we are inviting all stakeholders to share their views and ideas on current developments in sustainable mobility so that readers can be fully informed on the impact of their decisions. If you would like to have your say please contact us.

If you know of any project within the scope of Envirofuel we’d like you to tell us about it. We’d also like your feedback on any of the articles on this site and for you to answer questions from other readers. We look forward to your readership, your discussion and an increasing awareness and use of sustainable mobility.

Kind regards,

Luke Hallam

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