Victoria to get a new biodiesel storage and blending facility

According to the Victorian Government their citizens will soon have better access to biodiesel. The Government has given a $2 million grant for a new Melbourne-based blending and storage facility to Biodiesel Producers Limited (BPL) for the construction of a $4.3 million BPL biodiesel facility in Melbourne. The new facility will be based at a major fuel distribution terminal.

Until today I hadn’t heard of BPL so I’m guessing you haven’t either unless you are a Victorian. They are based in Barnawartha, 20km south of Albury-Wodonga, and are producing biodiesel mainly from tallow and smaller quantities of used cooking oils and canola oil.

Biodiesel plant

BPL: Biodiesel plant

The BPL plant uses technology acquired from Austrian company Biodiesel International AG to produce 60 million litres of biodiesel per annum, all of which meets the rigorous Australian, European, US and NZ Biodiesel Standards.

Source: The Premier of Victoria and Biodiesel Producers Limited


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