Comment threading has been enabled

A quick note to inform you that I have enabled comment threading on Envirofuel courtesy of new functionality provided by This means you can now reply to comments made by other readers with a resulting online discussion on the topic of interest. All you have to do is click the Reply link below the comment to which you wish to respond.

Envirofuel welcomes debate on any of the topics we write about so feel free to join in the discussion. Please note that comments are moderated to ensure the conversation remains civil and informative so your response may not appear immediately.


Envirofuel goes social on Twitter

Over the last few weeks we”ve been looking at ways to enhance Envirofuel and have made a few changes. The most significant change has been to reduce the scope of information published to that which influences sustainable mobility in Australia. There are a plethora of sources for sustainable mobility information all over the world and we want to offer a service you won’t find anywhere else.

Now that we’re not trying to report everything related to sustainable mobility we have some time to make Envirofuel more useful to you. In future you will see interviews and some articles by industry specialists providing opinion and information on sustainable mobility issues.

Finally, we’re going to become more interactive and personal with readers through the use of Twitter.  Twitter is described as a micro-blogging platform. In human speak that means it is a service where you write short messages called tweets that others can read and respond to. It is a hugely popular free site that is designed to enable friends to keep in touch by sending each other tweets of a maximum of 140 characters telling their friends what they are doing. Twitter has now evolved into a useful tool that business people are using to interact with customers, companies and people interested in their business. We see no reason why we can’t use Twitter to discuss sustainable mobility issues and share information with Envirofuel readers and others.

So, how are we going to use Twitter?

You won’t be interacting with Envirofuel, you will be interacting with me, Luke Hallam, the main person behind Envirofuel. While the Twitter account is in my name all the tweets I post will be related to sustainable mobility. Some of them will be personal in that they will tell you what I’m doing or what I’ve just done but they’ll remain on topic. I won’t be telling you what my cat just did (if I had one) or that I’ve purchased some new gadget and you will be spared the excitement of my personal life.

To bring you Envirofuel I aggregate a lot of information from Australia and around the world. Most of the information that fits within the scope stated above gets posted on Envirofuel but sometimes I don’t have enough time to post all of it.  Sometimes particular issues are so prevalent in the press I assume you’ve read it elsewhere and move on to other topics. The beauty of Twitter is that it expands the scope of the information I can provide. I can comment on news outside the scope of Envirofuel, provide an opinion on hot news topics and provide you with links to relevant articles. You can then explore the topics you are interested in to your heart’s content.

Most importantly, Twitter enables you to easily interact with me and everyone who follows our conversation benefits. Over the last two years I’ve learned a lot and have developed opinions on different sustainable mobility issues. You will be able to access this information on Twitter far more readily that you can through Envirofuel.

So please…

Follow me on twitter

I look forward to twittering with you.

Happy Australia Day

The 26th of January is the day us Aussies celebrate the wonderful country we live in.  Despite the fact that we sometimes complain about it a lot, the benefits of living in Australia far outweigh the negatives. Our sunburned country is a great place to be.
Aussie flag
Happy Birthday to Simon (the best man at my wedding)
Congratulations to my mate Liam who got married today.
A day truly worth celebrating!

Happy New Year!

Today is not just the first day of 2008, it is also Envirofuel’s 1st Birthday. After blogging for a year I’ve got to say the hours required to maintain Envirofuel are many but I’ve enjoyed the experience very much. My thanks for your readership, feedback, comments and support during 2007. I look forward to more of the same, in ever increasing numbers, in 2008.

One year old!

The first year has been a journey of discovery. I’ve learned a lot about sustainable mobility and learned the basics of blogging. My aim is to build on that knowledge and to put more of my own opinion in the posts I make in 2008. I’d also like to hear your opinion, particularly if it is different to my own. You have knowledge I don’t and sharing that knowledge through intelligent discussion is the best way for us all to learn.

I hope 2008 sees you healthy, happy and successful in your sustainable mobility endeavours, be they large or small.