X Rider scooter offers simpler, cheaper electric performance

Xtreme Green Products is set to release the X Rider electric scooter in the US spring. While there are plenty of electric scooters around this one distinguishes itself by its performance and its price tag when compared to the likes of the Vectrix VX-1.

X Rider

Xtreme Green Products: X Rider

Unlike the Vectrix the X Rider does not have any fancy regenerative braking. It is a simpler machine with a correspondingly lower price tag of USD7,999. Unless Vectrix have dropped their prices recently that makes the X Rider about USD5,000 cheaper than the VX-1.

Despite being simpler Xtreme Green Products are claiming some solid performance figures. The more interesting specifications are:

  • Top speed >100kph
  • 2 to 3 hour charge time from empty
  • Maximum range of 150km

If the final product can live up to these expectations more than a few of them could find a home in Australia. You can visit the X Rider web page for full specifications.

Update: Xtreme Green Products will begin shipping the first X Riders to US customers somewhere around 06 Apr 09. The announcement has more details including a link to pre-order.

Source: Xtreme  Green Products via AutoblogGreen