Compressed Natural Gas

Below is a list of existing compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel projects. If you are aware of a project that is not listed on this page please leave a comment below.

Isuzu and Gosford City Council

Project: CNG powered tippers (tip trucks) for general Council duties

Year: 2005

Equipment: Five Isuzu NPR 400 trucks

Link: Happy gas – Gosford Council’s CNG fleet going strong

Isuzu and Salisbury City Council

Project: Unknown

Year: Unknown

Equipment: Six Isuzu NPR 400 trucks

Link: CNG fleet management

Iveco and Boral

Project: CNG powered agitators (cement mixers)

Year: 2007

Equipment: Five CNG powered trucks fitted with 6 cylinder, 8.3 litre Cummins C Gas
Plus engines developed in conjunction with Cummins Westport of Canada.

Link: Iveco and Boral lead the way

Liverpool Natural Gas Project

Project: Liverpool City Council has resolved to convert its entire car fleet and much of the remainder of its motor vehicle fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel operation by 2002.

Year: 1998

Equipment: Public refuelling station at Moorebank

Link: Liverpool natural gas project


Project: Garbage collection trucks in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs

Year: 2008

Equipment: 27 Iveco trucks



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