Google Transit available for Perth and Adelaide

Way back in March 2008 we got wind of the fact that Google Transit was going to be rolled out in Perth. Well, this week Google announced that the Google Transit Layer is available for Perth and some public transport information is available for Adelaide. Google Transit Layer enables users of Google Maps to source public transport information directly from the map.

Google Transit for Leaderville Station in Perth

Google Transit for Leaderville Station in Perth

Unfortunately, at this stage the Transit Layer shows a different level of information depending on which city you view. In Perth, users can see the layout of the entire public transit system, zoom in on a particular route and click on a bus stop or train station to find out which buses or trains pass through (as shown above).To activate the Transit Layer you click More on the top right of the Google Map and check the Transit box.

In Adelaide you won’t be able to see the network as a layer on the map but can still click on bus stops and train stations to bring up a window with colour-coded routes and a direct link to the Adelaide Metro web site (as shown below). Tram users in Adelaide can also see timetables. As there are no layers to activate you just zoom in to the area of interest until the bust stops, train stations and tram stops become visible.

Google Transit Bus Stop I3 North Tce Adelaide

Google Transit Bus Stop I3 North Tce in Adelaide

This is another excellent tool from Google. If you’ve got time please have a play around with it and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Techworld


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