Queensland Rail introduce e-mail and SMS update service

Queensland Rail (QR) is introducing a service called eRail Updates. The service provides SMS and email updates for all train services that have been delayed or disrupted by more than 15 minutes or cancelled completely. Once subscribed you receive the updates via SMS to your mobile phone or via e-mail to your nominated email address.

Brisbane traineRail Updates are available 24/7 and is currently free. Go to eRail Updates to register for the service. You register your details and tailor your requirements to the times and lines you travel on the QR network. You are then alerted in accordance with the entered information.

Hopefully this will appease disgruntled rail commuters in Queensland and convince a few more people to leave their cars at home. However, the fact that the eRail Updates service is on offer suggests QR acknowledge that they don’t provide the level of service their customers desire. A better solution would be to provide a reliable and timely rail service.

Source: QR via couriermail.com.au


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