Australians rank eighth in world car ownership levels

Information from Pocket World In Figures 2009 shows that Australians rank eighth in the world of car ownership.  From the chart below it appears Aussies own approximately 540 cars per 1000 people in our population.

Cars per 1000 people

Pocket World In Figures 2009: Cars per 1000 people

I can’t say I’m surprised. A quick look around the ‘burbs highlights the number of double garages and the occasional house with five or six cars parked on the front lawn.

What is surprising is that the Unites States of America ranks lower than Australia. Due to the massive number of cars sold in the USA we Aussies tend to think Americans are the kings of car ownership. Instead they rank eight places behind us with about 470 cars per 1000 people. Even more surprising to me is the fact that countries with excellent public transport systems such as Germany (6th) and Japan (21st) have such high car ownership levels.

Source: via Car Advice


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