Hobart to get improved cycling network

The Tasmanian State Government is providing $415,000 to co-fund five cycleway projects which will form part of the Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network. Local Councils will provide the remaining funding.

Construction has begun at the ‘Cadbury Link’ cycleway in Claremont, and work will begin early in the New Year on cycleways along the Bridgewater Foreshore, Victoria Esplanade in Bellerive and on-road cycleways along Campbell Street and Argyle Street in Hobart’s CBD.

The cycling network improvements are aimed at providing alternative transport options for Tasmanians and visitors to Hobart while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the fitness and health of the population.

Cycleway Projects

Cadbury Link – will extend the existing Intercity Cycleway, which extends for 15.6 km between Hobart’s waterfront at Sullivans Cove to Box Hill Road in Claremont. The extension will improve access to Claremont Primary School, Claremont recreational and sporting facilities adjacent to Cadbury and provide employees at Cadbury opportunities to cycle to and from work. Additionally the cycleway will also provide an alternative tourism route to the Cadbury factory.

Bellerive Bluff Coastal Link – the new cycleway is proposed to run along Victoria Esplanade, from Gunning Street to Queen Street in Bellerive. The path will link the historic village of Bellerive with its ferry terminal providing access to Hobart and with the recreational facilities of Bellerive Oval and beach and the suburbs beyond.

Argyle Street / Campbell Street On-Road Bicycle Lane – the on-road bicycle lane starts from Federal Street and heads towards the city until it reaches Burnett Street; here the cycleway splits, one route continues along Argyle Street, the other follows along Burnett Street and then turns into Campbell Street. Both cycle way routes go as far as Brisbane Street. The cycle path will improve bicycle access to and within the Hobart CBD without introducing significant disruption to existing users.

Bridgewater Foreshore Link – a multi-use gravel track along a significant amount of the the Brighton foreshore starting from Gunn Street, heading South East along the coast, around Green Point and up as far as the Jordan River Bridge.

Bonnet Hill Cycle Planning – feasibility study.

Maps of existing and future cycling routes are in the Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network.


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