Want to have your say?

In line with our aim to make Envirofuel more informative and to promote healthy debate we are inviting interested persons to have their say on sustainable mobility. If you are a member of an organisation that operates under the sustainable mobility umbrella or have expertise in an area that impacts sustainable mobility we are giving you the opportunity to contribute.

The first Have your say article was published earlier this month and is an excellent example of what we’d like to see more of on Envirofuel. The topics for your contributions are almost limitless. We want anything from politics to cutting edge technology as long as they are relevant to sustainable mobility in Australia. However, we will not publish blatant promotion of products or excessively opinionated articles. Our intention is to educate and debate, not aggravate.

Any articles published under this process will be attributed to you and your organisation with a link to your web site if appropriate. All you need to do is contact Envirofuel and let us know you’d like to contribute. We will do the final formatting and post the article on your behalf so all you need to do is write your article in an e-mail, attach applicable images and click Send.  Any editorial changes to your submission will not be published without your consent.

We hope to hear from you soon.


One Response

  1. Greetings,
    You mention on your site the use of an SMES system for power storage in a regenerative braking system, which eliminates the need for bulky lithium ion batteries. My question is, judging by the potential of SMES systems for power storage, why limit them to only this purpose, when they could be used to store an input of so much more charge from an external source. Also, I’m wondering if you are privy to knowledge about recent developments in high temperature superconductors, particularly if there have been any updates on the potential for carbon nanotubes used in this capacity. Thank you.

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