evMe – the Australian Mazda 2 electric car

Back in February 2008 we wrote about the Blade Runner, now called the Electron, which is an electric Hyundai Getz produced by Blade Electric Vehicles. We are pleased to report that Australia now has a second company producing electric cars based on an existing small car platform. This time the conversion is being done by Energetique to produce their Mazda 2 based evMe.


evMe: © Energetique

The evMe is currently a prototype powered by a 75kW electric motor and is capable of being driven between 140 and 250km on a single charge depending on the driving mode. Performance is good too. Top speed is 130kph and 0 – 100kph takes 10 seconds.

Joining the dots between the evMe article on autobloggreen and the Energetique prototype specifications this performance is achieved using a liquid cooled Brusa hybrid synchronous electric motor and a 96 cell lithium polymer battery. All this leading edge technology doesn’t come cheap. The evMe is expected to retail for $70,000 but this hasn’t dampened the company’s plans for 2009. According to Dr Phillip Coop, the Energetique CEO, the company is planning to assemble 100 evMe’s in Armidale NSW next year and they already have a delivery van and a sports roadster on the drawing board. The prototype evMe already has an owner so they are off to a good start.


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  2. Interesting performance. I noticed it also on Youtube “ZOOMING ” by…


    Will Mazda be introducing this EV car?


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