Advanced Engine Components executes CNGV deal with Tata Motors

Not long ago we reported that Advanced Engine Components (AEC) in Western Australia had agreed a Letter of Intent to enter into a ten year Purchase Agreement with Tata Motors of India for the sale of natural gas vehicle systems, related components, spares and services. AEC have announced the execution of that deal with Tata.

AEC will design, develop, test and certify compressed natural gas (CNG) kits as part of the natural gas vehicle system (NGVS). The NGVS is for naturally aspirated and turbo charged CNG versions of Tata’s four and six cylinder engines for commercial vehicle application.

AEC has commenced development on the NGVS for the Tata CNG engines. A key component of the NGVS for the Tata engine development programme is completion of the fifth generation AEC electronic control unit (“ECU”). The fifth generation ECU is a significant advance on the current ECU incorporating simplified state of the art components, with incremental development capacity.


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  1. Sir,
    We are looking for a supplier of ECU for vehicle running Solely on CNG as fuel.

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