Modec electric commercial vehicles find new customers

A small company called Modec, based in Coventry in the UK, have developed a battery powered commercial vehicle that is ideally suited to inner city work. While Modec already list companies such as Tesco, Hildon Ltd (note the Modec on the Hildon home page) and the James McNaughton Group as customers, a couple of recent announcements have bought the vehicle to our attention.

After a nine month London trial UPS (UK) has decided to add six Modecs to their fleet and Speedy Hire, the UK’s largest tool and equipment hire firm, will soon add six Modecs to their existing four bright red electric vans.

Modec in UPS livery

Modec in UPS livery

When you buy a Modec you get a zero emission commercial vehicle with a 2 tonne payload capable of travelling 160km on a single charge with a maximum speed of 80kph. Interestingly, you own the vehicle but lease the battery. The motor produces 76kW of power and has 300Nm of torque available through a clutchless gearbox. Gear selection is a simple affair with Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive the only options.

It appears the Modec tag line of “quietly changing the world” has a truthful ring to it.

Update (10 Dec 08) – FedEx (UK) and Modec today unveiled the first of 10 vehicles to be added to the FedEx Express fleet over the next­­­­­­­­­­­­ few months.


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