Thailand opens the world’s largest CNG refuelling station

According to NVG Global, Thailand has opened a CNG refuelling station with 44 nozzles and a capacity to service 5,650 vehicles per day. The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) station is located at a new bus terminal in Southern Bangkok. The station is run by PTT, the Thai national energy company. PTT currently controls 254 NGV service stations and is expected to have more than 300 by the end of 2008.

More information is available from the somewhat confusing PTT press release. Confusing it may be but one thing is clear; Thailand is serious about the uptake of CNG as a vehicle fuel. By the end of 2008, PTT has set a goal of serving 122,000 vehicles nationwide, displacing 19.5 billion baht’s worth of oil consumption per year.

In a related story Toyota has introduced a CNG powered taxi in Thailand. Based on the Corolla it uses a bi-fuel engine capable of running on CNG or E20.


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