Amyris opens a pilot plant for No Compromise™ renewable diesel

In a previous post we explained that Amyris, unlike other biofuels companies, was using their technology to create hydrocarbons from feedstocks like sugarcane. Instead of producing ethanol or biodiesel they are using genetically modified yeast to produce hydrocarbons similar to those in petrol, diesel and jet fuel.

The good news is that Amyris have recently announced that they have opened their first pilot plant for the production of what they are calling No Compromise™ renewable diesel fuel. The pilot plant, which was completed in September, is an important milestone in the commercialisation of Amyris’ technology. If the pilot plant is successful it will prove that the technology can work on a commercial scale and will generate essential engineering data for the design of Amyris’ full scale production plants.

No Compromise™ is planned to be commercially available as early as 2010. Amyris say that unlike conventional biodiesels it works well at low temperatures, does not clog filters and can be stored for a long period of time without degradation.

Amyris are also planning to commercialise a renewable jet fuel as early as 2012.

Source: Hybrid Living, Amyris


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