Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 6

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Not as good as I’d hoped

Well, after using quite a few tank fulls of fuel on the commute to and from work I’m a bit disappointed. I’m consistently getting 320km from 19L of fuel. By my calculations that is 5.9L/100km. I said at the beginning of this that I was getting anywhere between 5.7 and 6.0L/100km. Either my original calculations were optimistic or I’m getting no advantage from the Fuelsaver.

My plan is to keep using it for the foreseeable future and see if my fuel economy improves over time. The GS has had some carbon build up issues in the past so my final hope is that this is taking longer than expected to clean out and provide the savings MTECH say are possible.

Apologies for the delay in getting this to you. If you read the post below this one you’ll understand why. Rest assured that I’ll post any interesting MTECH information that comes to light.


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  1. I too have used this Fuel Saver. I saw 17.5% savings after 3 tanks. I was getting 400Km out of a tank or so. Now I get 500+ out of a tank. Mine was a 2007 Jeep so newer.
    I would like to hear more from people who have tested this to see if it is consistant or not. Keep tracking your stuff Luke. Maybe your right and just need to run the crap out first.

    • All of our customers using our Dyno-Tab tablets report 10% +
      improved fuel economy. The Dyno-Tab tablets quickly get rid of carbon build up, allowing for a far better burn of fuel. The tablets are inexpensive, and produce excellent results. We
      encourage all to test our products, as improving fuel economy
      by 8 to 12% is a very big saving, especially for companies that have a big number of vechicles. Over 420 km driving a ford falcon 6 cylinder – without treatment 51.5 litres – with Dyno-Tab treatment 33.7 litres. Driving a toyota seca — getting an extra 120 km out of every tank fill up.

  2. Yeah Tom m, I would love to trust you but how do I know you are not an mtech astro-turfer? The skeptic in me tells me that these things are snake oil and a waste of your money and do absolutely nothing. My twenty years as a mechanic tell me that smooth driving, regularly checking tyre pressures, regular tune-ups and maintenance will definitely save your more money in the long run than mtech like gadgets which are purely a waste of money.

  3. This has become the American Dream – not to own a suburban home – but to save money on gas. I wish that I could buy something that automatically makes its money back by saving fuel – but someone I just can’t get myself to buy something. I’m with you – I just can’t believe that some device is going to boost my fuel economy that much.

  4. My experience with fuel saver gadgets, also have not been positive. Thus far, I’ve found that keeping good driving habits is the one thing that is giving me real fuel savings. I’m posting my habits on my blog in the coming days. You can look out for it.

  5. It amazes me when people refuse to try something that may work, for the unfounded belief that it will not and can not. Luke at least had the guts to try, and maybe it will work out for him in the end. It is so easy to disagree without substance. Even if this thing only made you drive better to get better economy–it did the job. There is a thing called a Scangage and that is exactly what it does. Shows real time gas use and it shows you how shitty your driving is on consumption. People are buying it!
    Now everyone has the right to opinion, but none is stronger that one that was tried and tested. The easy way out is to do nothing and then complain when we have no money and no air!
    Tom M

  6. I have used these savers in a v8.
    I would easily say it has made a vast difference. I requested the engine computer be reset, cause the power band had changed so it was hard to drive in low rpm. Since the reset its been great. I would say the difference the MTECH has made is like filling in 95/98 octane fuel, with power and mileage. But Saving that 8-10cents a litre. I have also run it with E10 with good results.
    I am not associated with MTECH at all, and i was very skeptical early on. Savings are around 10-20% in real world i would say. 75Litre tank and i get 550-600km no sweat, 650km if i really try. Before the MTECH was added i got 450-500km. (All using 91 standard). No interstate run yet but i will be interested to see how it goes. Trip computer reads 10.5-12litres/100k in urban driving.

  7. Look I think that it’s partially psychological (and this is probably worth 10%??) – it’s a bit like a case of alternative cures competing with science based medicines!
    Ref Pt2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Enemies_of_Reason
    If you sooo really want to save on fuel – you become more aware, you go easier on the loud peddle (you start driving more sensibly) and thus you attain better mileage! I’m doing exactly that with my partner’s WRX (I tend to go with bikes), but by golly I sure miss that turbo rush! Anyway I can get all that and much, much more on the Daytona without the front wheel touching the ground – and at 18k’s per litre after quite simply changing the software on the engine management chip!! Anyway, I still live in hope so keep the test goin’ there on the GS Luke ol’ boy! However, all things aside – my bet’s on pursuing CNG: http://automobiles.honda.com/civic-gx/
    But let’s just keep that to ourselves for the time being!!!

  8. THANKS!!
    That was the most honest review of a gimmick fuel saver I have seen. Thanks for posting it….
    This is the first time I have found a real person talking about what really happens.
    In my mechanical engineering opinion it doesn’t do anything, and your review has shown that at least in one case it doesn’t bring a 50% fuel saving..
    Great article

  9. Luke, thanks for your article, very informative and concise. As for Tom M and Sonny… Drop dead, its bullshit artists like you that prey on peoples insecurities and concerns.

    If it seems to good to be true… it usually is.

  10. I run a business saving “anyone” with any type of vehicle using any type of fuel “real fuel savings”. Using technology that has taken over 2 decades of research and development, long before concerns about high fuel prices or concerns about climate change and global warming. And yes they even work for sceptics. For my business customers I provide a 100% money back guarantee. Visit my website for the facts. http://www.pevc.biz

  11. I can’t understand how people are sucked in by this snake oil.

    If this actually worked why wouldn’t Toyota buy these rather than putting all those expensive batteries in a Prius? There is only one reason- it doesn’t work.

    To the “true believers” who say that we should give it a chance- if this really worked then I wouldn’t have to read all the pseudo-science on their web site to be convinced of my purchase, I could just look up its scientifically proven results and buy one. But for some strange reason those results aren’t anywhere to be seen… why is that?

  12. Luke Smith:


    there are 3 diff. tests done by 3 diff. Universities in 3 diff countries….

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