Sydney Chamber of Commerce proposes free train travel before 7am

The Sydney Chamber of Commerce has called on the NSW Government to conduct a
feasibility study into the proposal to provide free train travel before 7am.

Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce encourages greater use of the existing rail system in Sydney:

Extending the peak period for train travel is an option that should be considered. Stretching the peak period for trains would have a flow-on effect throughout the transport network and may help in managing the demand for services.

There has been a significant increase in demand for public transport and we’ve seen patronage levels increase across the board. While this is a positive development, it also adds pressure to existing infrastructure.

Mrs Forsythe said that free train travel prior to 7am could result in savings of up to almost $2,000 for commuters traveling to the city:

Departing Yearly Ticket
Penrith $1,972.00
Campbelltown $1,807.00
Hornsby $1,479.00
Sutherland $1,479.00
Liverpool $1,684.00
Strathfield $1,150.00

I agree with Mrs Forsythe when she says that when it comes to addressing congestion, the ultimate goal must be to deliver Euro-style metrorail. The higher fuel prices get the more people will need to use public transport. If we don’t start developing the infrastructure now in all our major cities and larger towns it will be all too late.

Update: The Sydney Morning Herald ran this article the same day.

Source: Sydney Chamber of Commerce


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