Enffue expands into Australia

Enffue is a brand owned by Carotino Sdn Bhd, a vertically integrated Malaysian palm oil company that produces biodiesel. On the surface that doesn’t mean much to Australians but when you dig a little deeper you realise SAFF is most likely going to be rebranded to Enffue.

Enffue’s business address in Australia is the same as SAFF so while I can’t confirm Enffue owns a controlling interest in SAFF is appears to be a logical assumption. The assumption is reinforced by the fact that the Enffue web site lists SAFF service stations on its Our Locations page (direct link not available) and the fuel products Enffue are selling have exactly the same names as those used by SAFF.

One thing is for certain. Enffue have developed a far better web site than SAFF. So if you want to find out where the SAFF service stations are, the easiest way to do it go to the Enffue web site and click on the Our Locations link.

Details of the business relationship between Enffue and SAFF are difficult to come by. If you know more please leave a comment for all to read.

Source: Enffue, Carotino, SAFF


5 Responses

  1. Check this link, page 24. Makes it sound like it’s rebranding only. Maybe they didn’t want to tell the Senate about something?


  2. Nice find Effrim. I interpreted it the same way.

    I guess bragging about how much your company has achieved and all you are doing for Australia doesn’t quite have the same ring it when you don’t have the 100% Australian Owned tag to go with it.


  3. I live in Calgary , Alberta Canada.
    How widespread is the use of Bio-Diesel in Australia?
    How much of this market do the folks from Enffue get?

    I see on their webiste that the premium grasdes of Bio-Diesel have BITRON added to them.
    Know anything about this product and what it does?

  4. SAFF/ENFFUE in austrealia have gone into liqidation
    They would have to be one of the most unorganized compenies ou could ever imagine

    • do you know who the managing director was for this company when they went into liquidation. I have a been told his name was andy fischer.

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