Honda Civic GX wins US green award, again

The natural gas powered Honda Civic GX has topped the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy‘s (ACEEE) Greenest Vehicles of 2008 list for the fifth year in a row. Great, but we still can’t buy one in Australia (previous post). C’mon Honda…

Using a singular measure that incorporates fuel economy, health-related pollution impacts and global warming emissions, all vehicles are analyzed and given a “Green Score.” This score is used in ACEEE’s ranking system, resulting in a ranking of each vehicle’s total environmental performance, including a list of the 12 “greenest” and 12 “meanest” vehicles. The Civic GX, first introduced in 1998, is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA (Tier-2, Bin-2 and ILEV certification as of May 2007), and is 90% cleaner than the average gasoline-powered car on the road today.

Source: Honda,


2 Responses

  1. […] to Envirofuel for this link to the greenest cars of 2008 topped by the Honda Civic GX and the Toyota […]

  2. They are really coming out with some good looking Hybrid cars.

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