MDI Air Car to go on sale in the US in 2010

Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) in the United States are saying they will be taking orders for the Air Car in early 2008 for delivery in 2010.

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The ZPM web site says that at speeds over 60kph the Air Car uses small amounts of fuel to heat air inside a heating chamber as it enters the engine. With this “dual-energy compressed air engine” the car will have an estimated maximum speed of 150kph and consumption of 2.2L/100km. This will give the car a range of 1364km from a 30L fuel tank. ZPM are estimating that the a six-seater will cost approximately USD17,800.

I’ve not seen any more news on the Air Car being sold in Australia.

Update (08 Mar 08): See Air Car confusion

Source: Zero Pollution Motors


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  1. Hey that’s interesting! I’ve read about those cars a while back and was crushed to learn that they weren’t available in North America. Any idea about Canada?

  2. […] Who remains?   The bug, old or new.  True, it does have too-big eyes and a sort of bumper lip, but the overall character of the car makes it seem clownish in a lovable way, rather than simply ugly.  Really, other than that, nothing comes to mind.  So, until the time when teh car manufacturers give me what I want, I guess I’ll just have to go with something healthy and wholesome like this (thanks, Luke Hallam) […]

  3. Yes, they are available in North America. Infact the company is based in America and i remember it clearly.

    When you read the website u see they show units in mph. Americans are the ones who use those units. crazy guys. lol.

  4. Miguel & Geoffrey,

    I’m sure the Air Car will be available in Canada but the way I read it ZPM probably won’t be the distributor. The following is from the ZPM web site:

    “Zero Pollution Motors is the first entity that will manufacture and sell the Air Car in the US. ZPM is run by Shiva Vencat, the exclusive representative for MDI in the United States.”

    It depends on the license agreement ZPM have with MDI and there is nothing obvious on the MDI web site that tells me who the manufacturers/distributors are for any country. We’ll have to wait and see.


  5. Hopefully they don’t get sued by the makers of the Stargate shows for using ZPM (Zero Point Module), which was their superior energy form. 🙂

  6. […] – …MDI air car to go on sale in the US in 2010 … French car Prototype Runs on compressed air … smell of success – air is compressed and turned into a mist that […]

  7. This technology has huge potential! MDI’s cars could revolutionize transportation, but there is also a different kind of air-powered motor which is even more fascinating: The rotary air engine developed by the Australian Angelo Di Pietro is powered by compressed air and reduces friction, size and weight to a minimum:

  8. TaTa Motors and MDI i love them so happy to see it coming to America now! Guess I need to sell TATA and buy MDI america? will be my first new car purchase in 10 years:

  9. I am concerned that the vehicle running at less than 60km/h has no source of heat, so how will it go in Melbourne or Canberra in winter? Won’t the windows get all foggy?
    I can see this vehicle running around the hotter parts of India without any trouble, but where I live in Canada? Hmmm, I will be sliding into my -40C rated sleeping bag and hoping to run the car by telepathy Also, I wonder about other aspects. I have a GM pontiac pursuit, and by driving at 90km/h with a very light foot, I averaged 4.9L/100km all the way from Saskatoon to Vancouver, yes, that includes the Rockies. For the entire journey, the car’s computer told me that I averaged 82km/h. So, I wonder a little about the 2.2L/100km – it is certainly a good achievement, but the vehicle I have managed 5.1 with 4 people in it.

    Perhaps the recumbent bicycle?

  10. Don’t hold your breath waiting for release.

    Per this Oct 2000 (yes 200 0) BBC report, “Zero Pollution Motors” would start producing the E.Volution air car in 2002.

    Obviously that didn’t happen.


    How about the 40,000 e.volution cars bought by the Mexican goverment several years ago. Lots of publicity, but it never materialized.


    How about Tata Motors going into production this year.
    Big announcement, but then Tata said that it wasn’t read for production and was in the very early stage of development and not to expect production in the near future.

  11. Can i buy a air car in canada.
    Please let me know.

    Keith Johnson
    Thank You

  12. We would like buy air cars for test reasons (market researchs).
    Please,If it is possible ,If anyone knows the contact
    persons-salers,or official distributor of MDI, Tata-Air Car, send to us
    account or write us how can we reach the goal. Our Email:

    • Sorry nggroup, but you cannot currently buy an aircar from MDI. Although they have announced “production real soon now” almost every year since 2000, they have not yet delivered a single car.

      They have built prototypes of several models. They have videos of those prototypes going around their parking lot in circles. But they have never made it into production, nor have they ever let any independent person (such as an auto magazine journalist) do a road test on any of their cars to verify the performance.

      The only published test results on their performance showed their car running out of air after only 7.22km. That is no longer on their website, but can be viewed via the wayback machine at

      MDI does plan to deliver prototypes or pilot production cars to Air France in “Spring of 2009” for them to do a test of their suitability as a short range vehicle for use in airports.

  13. It all sounds like a lot of hot air to me. If these so called manufacturers state they have these air/fuel cars and they are so good why isn’t every government around the world building factories and providing opportunities for these to be made imediately?
    Too much hot air and no real results in the market place. And now its starting to feel like an April fools joke.

  14. John — it’s NOT an April Fools joke.

    MDI rakes in real money for franchises and licenses. But then they never deliver.

    MDI and ZPM had been getting a lot of publicity for being an X-Prize contestant. I was excited because it might bring about a true test of the car rather than the short spins around the parking lot shown on YouTube.

    Recently, MDI/ZPM was dropped from the list of X-Prize contestants. No press release by MDI of course. No reason given by X-Prize, but my guess is that their business plan was rejected as not being a credible showing that the MDI car would be likely to go into even limited production in the near future.

    MDI has reduced the size of their car down to something along the size and performance of a golf cart, but they still haven’t managed to deliver a single vehicle.

  15. Dear Sir,

    I need a 7 kva generator run by compressed in Jamaica.

    Please advised on availability,

    Roy Newell

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