Have you found E85 for sale in your area?

In a previous post I pondered the sensibility of buying a Saab BioPower when E85 fuel was practically unavailable in Australia. A reader has just informed me that E85 is available in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra regions of NSW. This is not really surprising since the Manildra ethanol plant is nearby. What is surprising is that E85 is selling for just under $1 per litre.

The two service stations selling E85 appear to be independents:

Shoalhaven Ethanol Fuel
215 Kinghorne St
Nowra NSW 2540

Ethanol Fuel
(near) 251 Princes Highway
Albion Park NSW 2527

If you’ve noted any other service stations selling E85 please leave a comment with their name and address and I’ll add them to the Find Ethanol page.

Thanks for the tip Adam.


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  2. E85 was $1.10/L last week

  3. sorry that was $1.10/L at Albion Park

  4. High ethanol blends need to be to compensate the user for the lower energy density of ethanol. Around $1.05 per litre for E85 provides a comparable cost-per-km to RON91 ULP. If you’re paying less than this you’re getting good value. If you’re paying more then be aware you’re paying a premium for increased CO2-eq avoided.

  5. I am running a 323 mazda on E85 as often as I can refuel. I have install a flex fuel kit, this increases injection time.
    I have a reduced km distance per tank of fuel, however my $ per kms compared to E10 has improved by 20% around town and 30% on trips. I have posted this information on site http://www.flexfuelkit.com.au
    I live in Nowra (shoalhaven) E85 is $1.05 L.
    Figures are base on $1.65 for E10.
    Now I am working in Sydney and the fuel price is lower $1.40 L so the economics are not as good. I prefer using E85 to E10 or regular unleaded.

  6. Last night payed $1.15 for E85 at 2 Rawson St South Granville. Big Gren sign out the front advertising E85.

  7. E85 @ united in Hoppers Crossing. Have not been in yet so i cant tell you how much.
    Still got to fit a flex fuel kit to my ba falcon. Would like to buy one off an Australian distributer if i can find one.

  8. United in Hoppers Crossing has an e85 fuel pump. It is selling now for 99.7c. I have been there several times to use e85 in my BA Falcon, using a mix of e85 and normal unleaded to get it down to e30. So far I have seen an “increase” in mileage per tank and the car is certainly more zippy. If anyone knows of a shop that does a Flex kit for the Falcon (so that I can use e85 completely), please let us know…

  9. Richard try and find a performance shop that does custom tunes to take the full advatage of E85, that is the ideal way to do it. Ofcourse this way may be more expensive but is much better. your tuner must have some sort of knowledge though in regards to AFR’s and stuff but if he doesnt here is a link
    yes its mainly bout a mustng but your interested in the AFR’s bit thats all that matters


    also for those that want to ask questions and research a little on it try these forums


  10. I woudl appreciate you contacting me re your Saab. I have also purchased one and need to find out some information

  11. We’re now not only selling e85 at our service station, but professionally installing qaulity conversion units at our Bosch Car Service as well.

    Bosch Fueltown
    1150 Nepean Highway
    Highett Vic 3190
    03 9553 5171

    (e85 currently $1.094 cents per litre)

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