Loremo looks very promising

German company Loremo AG is developing a pair of light weight aerodynamic cars powered by small turbo-diesel engines. The Loremo LS and Loremo GT both weigh less than 600kg and offer fuel economy of 2L/100km and 3L/100km respectively. The cars are due to go into production in 2009 and they will be making a right hand drive version.

Loremo front

As you would expect from a car weighing less than 600kg the emphasis is on providing the necessities for economical transport rather than supplying all the creature comforts experienced in most modern cars.

Loremo dash

Photos courtesy of Loremo

The Loremo design is interesting. The whole of the front of the car, windscreen, dash and steering wheel included, lifts up to allow entry and exit. There are no doors which enables the patented chassis to be built from a few sheet metal components at a weight of just 95kg. The seats do not move. The steering wheel, controls and pedals adjust to the driver.

Both models are rear wheel drive with mid-mounted engines. The GT gets a 36kW three cylinder turbo-diesel instead of the 15kW two cylinder version in the LS. The Loremo blog suggests both models will be initially built with six speed manual gearboxes with the automatic to come later. You can find more specifications, including the surprisingly low prices, on the Loremo Facts page.

The Loremo blog also raises the possibility of an electric E-Loremo by 2010. The engine will produce approximately 20 kW and consume 6kWh/100km, equivalent to the power value of 0.6 litres of diesel fuel. While the battery capacity hasn’t been specified, the goal is a range of around 150 to 200 kilometers.

More Loremo video on YouTube.

More Loremo images on Flickr.

Source: Loremo


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