V8 Supercars planning to use E85 in 2009

Australia V8 Supercars chairman Tony Cochrane has indicated that a sub-committee headed by Larry Perkins and Ross Stone will look into the use of E85 in the 2009 V8 Supercars series. He said the move to E85 was an extension of the V8 Racing Green program in which 15,000 trees are planted each year to offset carbon emissions from the sport’s 15 events.

The V8 Supercars have been using a 5% blend of ethanol since 2006 as a result of the Queensland Government push to increase ethanol use. The move to a much greater percentage of ethanol appears to be a continuation of that push.

Tony Cochrane is obviously a believer in the benefits of ethanol but I’m wondering how much research he, or his organisation, has done before promoting the fuel. I’m also wondering what feedstock will be used to produce the ethanol the V8’s are going to use. Whatever it ends up being, and we may never really know, I sincerely hope it is actually better for the environment than the fuel they are currently using when its lifecycle emissions are assessed.

The Courier Mail doubts the majority of V8 fans will give the move a second thought and say that recent surveys show that the priority for the fans is that the formula remains purely Holden and Ford V8s and the rear-wheel drive. Sadly that is probably an accurate observation and an accurate indication of the majority of Australian’s attitude towards sustainable transport.

Source: AdelaideNow, Courier Mail


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  1. I can happily tell you that CSR ethanol has been selected to supply the fuel, and that is is made from low grade molasses!

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