Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 5

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Back on the road

After four weeks of no riding I’ve finally been able to start commuting on the GS again. If you remember from the last post I wasn’t expecting to get more than 300km out of the tank of fuel due to some weekend fun. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by seeing 338km on the clock when I filled up yesterday. However, the tank was very empty and the average consumption over that 338km was 6.2L/100km. As expected this is worse than my normal commuting consumption but not as bad as I expected.

Things I noted after a month of no riding were that the bike started very easily and it ran smoothly.

The GS will be pressed back into normal commuting service next week so I’ll post an update when I’ve got some new information.

>> Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 6


6 Responses

  1. Found part 5 – anxiously waiting for next update. Thanks

  2. Same here. I saw this at CES and was thinking no way, but was still intrigued. This is the FIRST legitimate unbiased review i have seen on the web. Can’t wait to see the next set of results

  3. As I said in part 2 I have dynoed the landcruiser and have figures of 408NM of torque and 84KW at rear wheels.
    First run was 820k return trip (same road up and back, same wind speed and direction) Temp approx 29C.
    2 adults 50kg tools and 10kg luggage.
    Returned 12.78l/100K for the trip although I lost fuel due to a leak in the diesel return line that I had desturbed installing the pellets in one of the tanks.
    The amount of fuel I lost is unkown.

    2nd run was 420K return trip (same road up and back, same wind speed and direction. Temp approx 29C
    2 adults 50kg 50kg tools and 23kg dog.
    Returned 12.14l/100k which I found to be excellant.

    I have returned a lower fuel consumption figure of 11.8l/100k but that was one a one way trip and I didn’t take wind into consideration.

    Will be going for another run in the next couple of weeks and I will see what happens.

    The vehicle isn’t a daily driver as I use a little Hyundai excel


  4. I found this product at CES in LV Navada. I’m in the same situation as most doe this really work and how great will it be if it does. I’m going to do some diffrent testing on this product in a real life situation. 1989 Range Rover Classic – Daily driver, 3 Race Bikes a 2008 turbo gixxer 1000 with over 240hp, 2007 ZX10-R Racebike that only rides the track and a street bike 2006 R1 that is ridden as much as possible. I’m reading the results from other users on many diffrent forums and I hope I have some of the same results. In our race bikes it cost an average of $11US per gallon for gas, 4.8Gallon is the average fill-up and we get about 55 miles per tank. Range rover averages 16.9 gallons per tank and get about 202 Miles per tank when I tow the bikes we get about 150 Miles per tank. I really hope this device works! I will give you the saving and average miles of this real world report once I get all the data together. I will post it up on my homepage after the first 2 tanks. Keep your fingers crossed.

  5. I am waiting to hear your details before I purchase.

    Please let me know what happened..!



  6. Any news???

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