New biodiesel plant approved in Tasmania

The ABC is reporting that Tasmania’s first biodiesel plant has been approved, to start operating as early as July. The Macquarie Oil Company will spend half a million dollars on a specially designed facility in Cressy, in Tasmania’s Northern Midlands. The plant will produce more than five million litres of fuel each year for the transport and marine industries.

Farmer and director of Macquarie Oil, Rob Henry, says the unique blend of feed stock, including poppy seed, will make it more viable than most operations.

Because of what’s happened with the drought in Australia and the world situation with biofuels, the price of canola has gone through the roof. But at the moment, canola is not on our list to use as biodiesel, so that limits us a little bit.That’s why we are looking at other crops, possibly a crop like mustard or linseed, or something like that.

This is the first time I’ve heard of poppy seed being a biodiesel feedstock.

A quick Internet search on Macquarie Oil Company didn’t turn up much accept a lot of references to Rob Henry so if you know more about the company or the proposed biodiesel plant please let me know.

Source: ABC


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