Electric Hyundai Getz now available in Australia

If you are an Aussie and you tired of waiting for the big car manufacturers to produce electric cars you are in luck. Blade Electric Vehicles (BEV) in Castlemaine, North West of Melbourne, are now selling converted Hyundai Getz.

BEV started prototyping in 2005 and commenced production of electric Getz last year. They’ve converted nine cars to date and more conversions are under way

While BEV do custom electric conversions the Getz is their standard production model and BEV are hoping forward thinking government organisations will show some leadership and start filling their order book soon.

The conversion involves replacing the internal combustion engine with a 40Kw three phase AC motor. The power source is between 55 and 65 lithium ion phosphate batteries in series. Each battery has a nominal output of 3.2V and the whole lot can be recharged in nine hours using a standard 10 Amp 240V power supply. You can read more specifications here.

If you are seriously interested in owning an electric Getz, or Blade Runner as they are known, you can see one for yourself and take one for a test drive by contacting BEV. Alan Gray, owner of a Blade Runner, had the following to say about his new electric car:

Beautiful. Snappy and responsive with great acceleration.

This article in The Age has more on Alan Gray and his Blade Runner.

Update (03 Mar 08): My cute new electric car? It’s a little ray of sunshine by Alan Gray in The Age

Source: Blade Electric Vehicles


14 Responses

  1. sounds cool. I wonder how much they are. I bet the batteries are a pretty penny. I wonder what the range is, too.

  2. Me too! Tell us more! I own a petrol Getz and thought it is a little light for the motorway it is brilliant for country lanes and city streets. Make it electric and it will be perfect!

  3. I currenlty drive 110KM in the morning and 110km home at night.
    The car sits in the sun all day.
    Combine compressed air , electric motor with solar panels and a small compressor and you would never need to refuel.
    If you find a way to do it.
    let me know.
    I am trying to work out a way to convert my Ford Fairmont to the same type……….
    Many more Ozzies would be adventagouse if they only knew the possobilities. Keep up the good work.

  4. I saw an electric Getz at in Federation square a few weeks back. It was part of a sustainable energy expo. It looked great but was $50,000. Produce them for $10,000 each and you’d sell heaps!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Hyundai can’t sell a normal Getz for $10,000 so expecting an electric version for that price is asking a bit much at this stage. The batteries alone cost more than that.

    It is going to take time for battery prices to come down but in the meantime I think Ross Blade has done a great job filling a niche in Australia. It would be good to see Government leading by example, buying some of his cars and showing Australians that we can develop and use electric vehicles successfully.


  6. Sirs,
    Surely aussies are ready for all electric or Air cars now.We’re like a bunch of ockker dummies, there’s so much fear out there, I think we’re scared of looking foolish in front of our mates at the local pub.

    Pull your fingers out Australia, the rest of the world is already leaving us behind. Take a look at the amount of all electric and Air only cars there are around the world, you’ll get a shock……….and here we are still saying orrrrr geez mate ..I’m just not too sure etc. Derr! Regards..John.

  7. I think someone should put it out there, show me a web site that tells me how to convert my car, i dont care what the batteries cost, im just having a prick of a time researching this, and im SICK of giving my paycheck to the F****IN oil companies… if you know what i mean….

    If someone shows us Aussies how to do it, we’ll save up, and anyone with half a brain will convert! The savings dont seem much now, but what about in a year’s time when a litre of petrol will more than likely be triple the price it is now!!!!

    …..Long term, not excuses!

  8. G’day!!

    Check this website out folks, http://www.evmotors.com.au/index.html

    The batteries are a bummer and a full conversion costs about $15,000. I was thinking about using some of the $8000 subsidy for a solar carport.

  9. Sadly much of this technology has existed for many years, realistically oil companies (and the motor industry) have either directly or indirectly hampered the development of alternative fuel vehicles buying & burying design concepts from innovators who succumbed to lack of capital.

    Interestingly enough the original ‘Diesel’ engine was designed to run on an environmentally friendly available fuel namely peanut oil, what about the electric vehicles used in Britain during the 60’s onward (ie. the Enfields of the 70’s)? you’d beforgiven for thinking if the EV application was obvious then it would’ve been virtually perfected by now… sadly oil (or the control of it) is an extension of world power which would be nothing more than a flacid muscle if we were all traversing aroundin EV’s.

    Curious about hydrogen vehicle applications? google up Carl Cella’s design/application specifics…

  10. How about adding a fan for wind power to generate constant recharge of battery while moving
    Solar power wind power its the way to go if the oil barens can be made to see that they are the worlds power supressors who cause all the world wars and power struggles right now

  11. […] envirofuel En Diariomotor: Cambios en Hyundai Getz | Nice Micro-Vett Fiat 500, la versión eléctrica […]

  12. […] envirofuel En Diariomotor: Cambios en Hyundai Getz | Nice Micro-Vett Fiat 500, la versión eléctrica […]

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  14. At first only the rich can afford, then as time goes on and economy of scale come into effect the prices come down.
    Remember colour TV and home computers?

    Suport emerging technology, I have by buying a Toyota Prius, it isn’t electric but it is a viable step in the right direction. I’d love an Aptera, I hope they come to Australia in the future.

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