smart fortwo and Mercedes E320 show impressive economy in real world conditions

On a 4,400 kilometre drive across the United States the smart fortwo and Mercedes E 320 have demonstrated impressive fuel efficiency. The smart fortwo microhybrid drive (mhd) recorded an average consumption of 4.8 L/100km. The two smart fortwo common rail diesels (cdi) averaged 3.9 L/100km, and E 320 BLUETEC diesel consumed an average of just 5.8 L/100km.

The journey seven day journey from Los Angeles to Detroit, largely along Route 66, consisted of a convoy included one smart fortwo mhd , two smart fortwo cdis and an E 320 BLUETEC. They had to cope with lonely highways, desert stretches, mountain passes and busy cities. A severe spell of winter weather with fresh snow and temperatures of down to minus 15 degrees Celsius increased the challenge and made for tough driving conditions.

  • The smart fortwo mhd uses a new start-stop function that completely shuts down the 52 kW 1 litre petrol engine at traffic lights, level crossings or in stop-and-go-traffic. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal the engine starts automatically and the journey continues without perceptible delay.
  • The smart fortwo cdi proved that it must be one of the most economical production cars with a combustion engine. The world’s smallest direct injection diesel engine (producing 33 kW) travelled approximately 850km without refuelling in real world conditions.
  • The E 320 BLUETEC produces 165 kW from its three litre V6 engine while proving to be just as economical as many smaller cars in everyday use. The BLUETEC modular emission control system makes this the world’s cleanest diesel and undercuts the strictest emission limit values worldwide.
Route 66 convoy

Source: Daimler via The Liverpool City Champion


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