Butanol could supersede ethanol

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has published an article explaining why biobutanol is a much better fuel than ethanol and how the technology to produce it biologically is advancing.

The article references research being conducted by Jim Liao and colleagues at the University of California, UK-based company Green Biologics and of course the BP and DuPont joint venture (previous post).

I particularly like the Green Biologics approach of bolting biobutanol plants onto wood pulp mills and sugar mills to take advantage of their waste streams. Green Biologics have even gone to the trouble of trade marking Butafuel™:

Our Butafuel™ product is an advanced transportation biofuel, based on butanol, offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The RSC article suggests Green Biologics plans to demonstrate the process on effluent streams from a wood pulp mill in Scandinavia and molasses from sugar producers in South Africa. They are obviously confident in their technology and it would be great to see it succeed.

Source: RSC via Checkbiotech


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  1. Dear Sir
    We do not know if we are contacting the right people but we have a large amount of Wood Molasses available We have been told it is good for biofuel if the water can be removed and that your company was involved in this area of research or new of people who may need this molasses, it is a by product of steaming pressing trees for wood products

    Thank you for your time.
    Ron Bass

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