Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 4

<< Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 3

The Second Week (30 Jan 08)

If any of you are waiting for results from this week I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. As of tomorrow I will be performing Mr Mum duties for the next two and a half weeks. That means dropping kids off on the way to work and picking them up on the way home so no GS commuting for the duration. Fuelsaver testing will resume some time around the middle of February.

This week has been unusual as far as riding goes anyway. The GS will be lucky to get 300km out of the tank I filled after the last report. I’m to blame for that as I finally caught up with a mate for a weekend ride and the throttle twisting that resulted in a fun ride didn’t do the fuel consumption any good. I’ve also been taking the fun way home to clear my mind after some seriously hard days at work and after hour work. You may have noticed I’ve been a bit slack posting on the site lately. I hope to resume normal service this weekend.

>> Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 5


6 Responses

  1. Luke,
    I too have the moletech in my vehicle. 2006 toyota tundra and after 3 months there still is a savings. The immediate difference was in the idle. My truck is so silent now and I too have released on the gas pedal for the same fact that I have seen and felt an increase in horsepower. Too bad you received that kind of customer service because here in the U.S. California to be exact, I met a man that is friends with the actual owner and he doesn’t work for them but he believes in it, explains it well and I gave him the cash and he handed it right to me…with piece of mind knowing that I have a 90-day money back guarantee!!

  2. Latest write up i can find is Part 4. Do you have an update? I am very interested in this product.


  3. Ditto to what Bruce said.

    How did the testing go?? Or did someone suggest you not comment online?

  4. Erik and Bruce,

    As I said in a comment on Part 5 the reason I haven’t been updating you on Fuelsaver performance is that the weather has been very hot (40 degrees C) here. Riding the GS in that temperature in stop go traffic is hard work. The hot weather is due to continue until the middle of next week so I’ll try to have more information for you in two week’s time after I’ve used the current tank of fuel.

    Thanks for reading.


  5. Luke,
    I can’t see a part 5 post. Do you have an update? I look forward to your reply. Our gas is approaching $3.40/gal :’ (

    Buffalo, NY.

  6. Sorry Mike. I’ve updated this post with a link to Part 5. I am sad to say I haven’t been on the GS now for far too long. Hopefully that will change next week.

    I’m sorry, I have to chuckle a bit when anyone from the US complains about the price of fuel. Right now I would be paying AUD5.60 for a US gallon of the lowest octane fuel we get. At current exchange rates that equates to USD5.14.


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