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Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 3

<< Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 2

The First Week (25 Jan 08)

The results are in for the first week. The GS used 19.17L to cover 328km. By my calculations that is 5.85L/100km, which is right in the middle of the consumption figures I listed in Part 1.

For those wishing to see a radical improvement these figures will be a bit of a disappointment so let me put them in context. This week was not an ordinary week of commuting. I filled up on Saturday night and went for a ride to clear a few things out of my head. This involved some harder than normal riding through the local twisties. In addition to this I took advantage of some excellent weather and rode the longer less traveled route home twice during the week so that was more hard riding.

So it was not a typical commuting week. The GS got ridden harder than normal and still came home with figures normally seen when doing straight commuting. In my opinion this is a good result and my seat of the pants analysis backs up the figures. The bike definitely requires less throttle to achieve the same acceleration. Quite a few times I’ve backed off and found myself twisting the throttle hard into the stop.

The other observation of note is that the inside of the muffler used to be a sooty black colour. It has now lightened to a medium/dark grey. It is almost like someone has cleaned it out. I’ve got a before photo so in a couple of weeks (to make sure) I’ll publish the before and after so you can see what I mean.

If week two brings similar improvements I’ll be a happy man.

>> Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part4


7 Responses

  1. Am sceptical of the product but am following your story as I was thinking about doing it to my XJR1300S
    The price they ask would allow a few fill-ups giving me an advantage straight away but the temptation of a good running, smooth engine is always tempting. The fitting of this water sensor tends to make it a bit suspect (not that this matters as the bike is air cooled) as it looks like it just sits on the outside of the radiator hose? Anyhow looking forward to the rest of your tests.

  2. A number of people have contacted me asking how they can find out if the MTECH Fuelsaver is available in their country or state.

    Here are some quick instructions to help you find out:

    Go to the Moletech web site.

    Select your country from the drop down list in the top right corner and click “Visit Site”. The site will refresh. If the country you selected has a country specific web site you should see “Find Your Nearest Installers” appear in the menu at the top of the page. If the sites are consistent clicking this will present you with a map where you can easily select your state and find your nearest MTECH dealer. Here is the Australian example. If you do not see “Find Your Nearest Installers” at the top of the page this indicates to me that Moletech do not have a country specific site for you and that you will need to purchase their product from the Global site in US dollars and pay the appropriate shipping.

    Buying online appears easy but strange as I described in Envirofuel experiences the MTECH Fuelsaver – Part 1. Go to the Products page, click “Buy Now” on the one you need and you get taken to the bizarre PocketMail web site Moletch use for online transactions.

    From here on you are on your own. The PocketMail site asks you which country you are in and for your delivery address details. I’ve not continued beyond that stage so I do not know how much they charge for shipping or whether there are shipping options with different rates.

    If that is all too confusing I suggest you contact Moletech via e-mail using info@moletech.us

    Hope that helps.


  3. We are a distributor/retailer of Mtech. Based in Sydney but covering all Australia.

    Just give us a call on 02 9975 5104.


  4. It does not appear to me that this product works. Which is really unfortunate with the cost of fuel. Some people are actually seeing mileage decrease. Several people have used it with no success whatsoever

  5. Jon,

    At this stage I don’t have enough information to know whether it works or not. Certainly, there has been no startling decrease in fuel consumption but I’ve only run a couple of tanks of fuel since installing it. Moletech do say that if the vehicle has done more than 25.000km it will take longer for the full benefits to be achieved. I’d really like to get back on the bike but it isn’t possible for the next two weeks.


  6. Jon,
    I am going to try the saver and see if it works on a troopcarrier fitted with a 6.5 chev diesel. A mate put the vehicle on his dyno this morning, got a kw reading but the torque went off scale. I am also sceptical but like you will try the product and see what happens. I delt through mtech and told them if it fails all and sundry will know which didn’t seem to phase them.

    I will share my results here later as I have yet to receive the product


  7. Nanaimo, BritIsh Columbia, Canada
    I own a 2006 VW Jetta Diesel TDI. It is used as a commuter vehicle driving 120 kms (mostly hwy) daily roundtrip. Our average fuel economy is 50-55 miles per gallon (4.5 Litres). I just got off the phone with the VW service guy who advises me they have installed approx 250 and all have had favourable feedback. They have reports ranging from 10% to 26% savings in fuel – the 26% was in a diesel Jetta 2006. The cost is $400 for the unit and $100 for the install. Even if I were to see a 10% fuel increase it would pay for itself in a year. I too am skeptical reading the web and seeing there is no long term tests as yet but I guess that’s the risk you take with new technology, someone has to be the test subject.. Moletech has a 90 days money back guarantee with a two year warranty and a projected life span of 10 years. Do you know of any other links to read more before I make my decision ?

    Cheers Brad

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