O2Diesel to be used in Paraguayan transit system

O2Diesel Corporation has received approval from the government of Paraguay to market and distribute its O2Diesel™ fuel technology in the country. The approval was secured by O2Diesel Brazil in cooperation with strategic partner Fair Energy SA of Geneva.

O2Diesel™ is undergoing initial testing in conjunction with Copetrol SA, one of the largest fuel distributors in the country. The key objectives of the initial 3-month testing period are to validate the performance of O2Diesel™ fuel technology in light and heavy duty diesel powered vehicles in the capital city of Asuncion. O2Diesel Corporation are anticipating commercial scale expansion after the initial test is completed followed by widespread regional use by the end of 2008.

Sr. Blas Zapag, Senior Director of Copetrol SA, commented:

We are very excited to embrace O2Diesel’s clean fuel technology in Paraguay. We aim to be the leading distributor of O2Diesel™ and at the forefront of the use of ecologically friendly fuels in South America moving forward. O2Diesel’s clean fuel has demonstrated through vigorous tests to be a viable alternative fuel which can make a significant contribution to cleaner air in the city of Asunción. The introduction of O2Diesel™ fuel in the transit system should have a substantial impact on the reduction in emissions and smoke from the vehicles operated by the various government agencies, which could bring an immediate and much needed improvement in air quality.

Sr. Claudio Hirsch, Director of Fair Energy, is convinced O2Diesel™ fuel has large potential in the region and Fair Energy is already preparing the product for large scale launch in Colombia.

Source: O2Diesel


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