Daimler continues researching Jatropha biodiesel with Archer Daniels Midland and Bayer CropScience

At the end of last year, Daimler AG completed a five-year research project which demonstrated that Jatropha can be used to obtain high-quality biodiesel. They studied the use of this fuel in test vehicles. Daimler will continue to explore the interactions between fuel and engines in vehicles powered by Jatropha biodiesel and mixtures of this and other fuels.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Bayer CropScience AG and Daimler AG have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly explore the potential for a biodiesel industry based on Jatropha.

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ADM is running several biodiesel refineries worldwide. Bayer CropScience plans to develop and register herbicides, soil insecticides and fungicides for disease and pest control of Jatropha plants.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kohler, Vice President Vehicle and Powertrain, Group Research and Advanced Engineering and Chief Environmental Officer of Daimler AG said:

Alternative fuels are an integral part of our roadmap towards sustainable mobility. Our research activities within the last years have proven for example, that Jatropha biodiesel can be produced with quality similar to biodiesel from oil seeds. Now, it is time to evaluate the commercial potential of Jatropha biodiesel.

From what I’ve read so far growing Jatropha that produces viable quantities of seed, and hence oil, is the major hurdle to be overcome before a biodiesel industry based on Jatropha can be established. It is interesting that the MOU doesn’t include anyone that has experience growing Jatropha.

Source: Daimler AG via Cleantech


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  1. Our attention has been drawn to an article contained in www. Financialexpress.com which concerns the use of Jatropha a feed stock for biofuel.

    The assessment made in the report as to the volume of Jatropha that can be produced accords with our own findings however the cost model employed by the writers for the reasons set out below could well need adjustment and we would appreciate being put in contact with the authors to discuss this matter furhter.

    Until now the production of BioFuels has largely followed the ‘big energy, big government’ business model with large, sovereign-bound refineries costing multi-millions of dollars to construct and having feedstock transported in bulk for processing. Hence the cost per liter to produce.

    At the other end of the scale, there are ‘Heath-Robinson’ garage kits for individual pioneers – but there’s very little in the middle. A few mini-refineries exist, but these still cost close to US$10M and are permanent fixtures that are subject to feedstock pricing pressure from nearby growers once established.

    Our company ( http://www.Biouelpartnership.com) has taken the middle road with the development of its pro-type “BioCube”.

    The BioCube can be transported to remote communities or plantations distanced from main road or rail infrastructure. It is a scalable and flexible solution– one can simply add more bioCubes to match demand. This is particularly valuable for plantation owners with large hectarages of young seed such as Jatropha which matures at different rates producing a gradually increasing yield until the plant reaches maturity. The biofuel produced is EN compliant.

    Although it’s compact, the bioCube is still highly efficient with production capacity equivalent to much larger refining units. We estimate 2,000 litres of biodiesel can be processed from 7/8 tons of Jatropha feedstock each working day. It would take approximately100 hectares of Jatropha to supply this daily volume.

    When one imports the cost of our machine into the model, then adjusts the cost of transportation et al, we believe that a marked difference in the cost per liter shall result. In China, India, where the diesel would be produced in this manner and used locally there is also a saving on the cost to the enviorement.

    We should very much like to begin a diologue with Daimler concerning our business and would appreciate your putting me in touch with the appropriate departmental head.

    Thank you

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