Is Tesla Motors in trouble?

According to the blog written by Tesla Motors founder and former CEO Martin Eberhard, Tesla Motors are rapidly removing a large number of key people from the company. Martin calls it the Stealth Bloodbath and he lists the employees that have recently departed the company. Here are a couple of paragraphs from his post:

Now, you maybe can argue that there are a lot of necessary changes as the company has grown and scaled. And obviously, transitions are always difficult, even with careful planning. But axing nearly the entire executive staff, letting the world’s foremost EV motor engineer go, trimming down the service organization before the job of opening the first service center is done, ripping through the firmware team – and doing it by random firings on a daily basis – are all hard to explain.

Is this really the right time for Tesla to be tightening its belt this drastically? Really? Right now, when clean tech investment is THE hot investment field and when Tesla Motors is the poster child of clean tech companies, Tesla should be able to raise as much money as it needs to finish the Roadster and launch Whitestar, even with its current technical difficulties. After all, Tesla has proved its fundamental concept: An EV can be a car that rocks, while also being the greenest machine on the road. Tesla’s difficulties are relatively mundane: get the transmission working (and whatever other bits are still to do) and ship the cars. No show stoppers here!

Sad news indeed for those of us that saw the Tesla Roadster as the car that would re-invigorate the real-world electric car movement. Still, even if the company does go under it has made an enormous contribution through the massive amount of publicity it generated.

Source: Tesla Founders Blog via Gizmodo


3 Responses

  1. Could be that certain “evil dark forces” (oil compaines) have taken over the Tesla (stealth operation). This is what has happened in the past to any company that threatens big oil. ( yes, they are that crooked and will do anything, I REPEAT- A N Y T H I N G to keep the world on oil as long as possible.

  2. Wow, I was thinking the same thing. They are killing another electric car.

  3. What the funk is going on, tesla has shown more promise then any car I have reviewed to fit my interest. Firing the upper management development team makes no sense, what are they thinking? No doubt big oil has the dollars to kill the car… I thought the computer heads in Cali has some balls?

    If it’s not easy they can’t do it?

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