EEstor sign a deal with Lockheed Martin

I’ve been wanting to write about EEstor for quite a while now. If ever there was ever a company that polarises opinion this is it. Have a search around the Internet for discussions on EEstor and ultracapacitors and you’ll see what I mean. Many just don’t believe EEstor can produce the ultracapacitor they say will make batteries obsolete.

The fact that EEstor is very secretive about their technology doesn’t help improve public perception. They don’t have a web site and you only hear about them in articles like this one on ITWire. For more unofficial background information Wikipedia seems to be a reasonable source.

After a long period of silence from EEstor a recent press release from Lockheed Martin says that Lockheed Martin has signed an exclusive international rights agreement to integrate and market Electrical Energy Storage Units from EEStor for military and homeland security applications. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Glenn Miller, vice president of Technical Operations and Applied Research at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control said:

Lockheed Martin has a wide range of innovative energy solutions for federal, state and regional energy applications. The Eestor energy storage technology provides potential solutions for the demanding requirements for energy in military and homeland defense applications.

While this is a positive indication that EEstor have a viable product I suspect the skeptics will remain unbelievers until they see the real thing. Given the lack of official information I’d rate myself as skeptic but I do hope they prove me wrong.

Source: ITWire, PressMediaWire


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  1. Plug in electric cars using EEstor batteries = death of the internal combustion engine. Who needs oil anyway? the petrol companies can keep it as petrol hits $1.50 a litre.

    EEstor batteries storing renewable energy used in a myriad of applications would be the most profound advancement of our era and is what we so desperately need.

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