Amory Lovins – Winning the Oil Endgame

If you haven’t heard of Amory Lovins, he is the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He is a respected critical thinker that promotes transformation of the energy and automobile industries through the use of efficiencies and alternatives.

Amory and his fellow thinkers have a new book out called Winning the Oil Endgame. You can download the book from the Winning the Oil Endgame website. You can also watch a speech he recorded recently on TED Talks where goes through the principles outlined in the book in about 20 minutes.

Highlights include his belief that China will leapfrog US car technology with super efficient cars within the next ten year and his firm belief that the US can be completely oil independent of imported oil if it wants to be by minimising consumption and substituting alternative and biofuels for oil.

Source: AutoblogGreen, TED Talks


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