ASPO Australia say we should prepare for petrol shortages by rationing

In a short article ASPO Australia say short-term and long-term oil shortages are quite likely in the near future. Using the example of water shortages they point out that in such situations Governments regulate and do not wait for the market to allocate distribution. In this case the regulation they are proposing is rationing using a fuel allocation system that enables people who use less than their allocation to sell it to others.

There is no doubt, with petrol prices increasing rapidly, that most of us are aware of how many dollars are going into our fuel tanks and hopefully making a considerable effort to drive less. Despite that petrol rationing seems like overkill for the current situation. The other side of the argument is that if we are going to get to the point where rationing is necessary then it would be best if we start it early so everyone is familiar with the process by the time it is really needed.

Have read of Petrol rationing, ready in case? and let us know what you think.

Source: ASPO Australia


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