The Th!nk City electric car is back

After an unsuccessful ownership by Ford the Th!nk City electric car is now being put into production by Th!nk Global. The first cars were scheduled to come off the Aurskog production line in Norway in November 2007 with sales beginning in the first half of this year.

Th!nk City electric car

Yes, it is small but it isn’t a toy. Its Zebra batteries (Green says it uses EnerDel batteries) give it a range of 180km and a top speed of 100kph. Safety features include dual airbags and ABS brakes. Creature comforts include air conditioning, power steering, sunroof, and electric windows and mirrors.

The first cars off the production line will be used for quality assurance and testing. The factory is expected to reach full production capacity 7000 cars in 2008.

Green has more detailed information. Unfortunately the Th!nk web site doesn’t seem to indicate where the Th!nk City will be sold or for how much.

Source: Th!nk via Green


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