Flying Carver – otherwise known as the Personal Air and Land Vehicle

John Bakker, the man who bought us the Carver One is innovating again. This time he’s taken the Carver One, crossed it with a gyrocopter with folding rotor and propeller blades and come up with what he calls a Personal Air and Land Vehicle or PAL-V.


© 2006 Spark Design Engineering

The PAL-V, like any gyrocopter, will be a short take-off and landing vehicle. The motor that drives the propeller is the same one that drives the rear wheels when it is on the ground and the same controls are used in both modes but switched in functionality between the different modes. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the motor will run on petrol, biodiesel or ethanol. I’m assuming that means purchasers will have a choice of engines but have been unable to confirm it.

While I wish John every success with the PAL-V the USD75,000 price tag will ensure a PAL-V never enters the Envirofuel garage. I’ll settle for a Carver One instead (in my dreams).

Carver One
© Carver Europe BV – Photography: Frits van Eldik

To me the Carver One looks exciting. It is a shame it isn’t a little more economical. At 6L/100km its economy is nothing to get excited about. Neither are the CO2 emissions at 136 g/km. Small cars are approaching those figures these days but for a motorcyclist like myself a small car could not even come close to the fun one of these would provide on my daily commute.

Source: PAL-V via SMH, Carver


One Response

  1. Exciting futuristic Vehicle !!!!!
    With such type on innovation one can expect less traffic on land.

    Vaibhav Satpute, India

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