Japenese maglev train to supersede the bullet train

Using trains for rapid transport is something that seems to have been ignored in Australia. There was brief consideration years ago when Canberra was being considered as a potential second International airport for Sydney but the proposal was shelved with the advent of the third runway at Sydney Airport.

Fast trains such as those in Germany and France can offer more convenient rapid transport solutions than flying when you consider the ease of getting to and from the departure and arrival points which are always in city centres. The facilities available on board these trains, particularly for business travelers and families with children are far more comfortable and convenient than aircraft.

Japan has been at the forefront of fast train technology since the mid 1960s with its bullet trains. That will not change now that Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Central) plans to build a maglev linear-motor train between Tokyo and central Japan by the 2025. The magnetically levitated train will run on a 290 km track at speeds up to 500 kilometres per hour.

The only maglev train now in commercial operation is in Shanghai. The train, launched in 2002, travels at 430 kph for the 30.5 kilometre run from Pudong airport to the Shanghai financial district.

JR Central’s maglev test train hit 581 kph in 2003 in a trial run on a test line in Japan’s central Yamanashi prefecture. The train on its test line is shown below.

JR Central maglev train

The maglev train would enter service at a time when Japan looks for a successor to its famed “Shinkansen” bullet trains, which were first rolled out to the world’s awe for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Source: AFP via AutoblogGreen


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  1. dude that is crazy i actually levitates wow i wanna ride one

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