Phill home natural gas refueling coming to Australia

Regular readers will be familiar with my frustration at not being able to buy natural gas vehicles in Australia (previous post) when they are readily available in the US and Europe. It makes perfect sense to me to be able to refuel your vehicle at home from a cleaner and cheaper source of energy whose infrastructure is already in place. The good news is that FuelMaker Corporation are slowly expanding the number of countries into which they market their Phill natural gas home refueling appliance.

FuelMaker Phill natural gas home refueling appliance

Phill is now commercially available in the Netherlands. FuelMaker are collaborating with General Motors (GM) to introduce Phill in the country as part of GM’s new marketing initiative of its natural gas version of the Opel Combo and Zafira. This GM initiative will involve promoting the Combo or Zafira and Phill together as a package and will help potential customers choose a natural gas vehicle (NGV) over petrol or diesel powered versions.

According to FuelMaker, Phill is now commercially available in Italy, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland and the United States. Phill will soon be available in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Barbados, the U.K., Australia, Lithuania, and Pakistan.

Source: NGV Global


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  1. […] by Nathan on January 1, 2008 Luke at Envirofuel made the discovery that FuelMaker Corporation is planning to soon release their Phill natural gas home refilling unit […]

  2. hi
    i am trying to import a civic gx ( low km one ) from japan.the imports agents in brisbane only can bring the r type for what it might means.any clue who to call in canberra?
    which politician or public servant to ennoy to succeed. ?
    apparently any lpg fitter can import from canada or california the phill compressor without too much trouble but you need a car
    d schmidt

  3. Denis,

    No, I don’t know who to call in Canberra. If you find out please let me know.

    After a year of writing about this stuff it is becoming obvious that while it helps me learn and others learn the only way to change a few important things, the importation of Civic GXs being one of them, is to get the rules changed.

    For that reason I intend to create an advocacy page where I will place form letters and the names and addresses of the relevant politicians. It will take a bit of work to set up but it may achieve more than just writing for those that are interested.

    If you have any luck with the GX import let us know. I hadn’t thought of a grey import before and you have me wondering how you will go with ADR compliance on a second hand vehicle natural gas vehicle.


  4. You must realise the slow rate at which Phil operates and the electricity consumption in compression…public cng stations are much more feasible and long term solution if you want to run cng vehicles.

  5. Thanks to Steve for this link:

  6. one concern you may have is the limited kilometres you can go on a tank of natural gas. you would need more filling locations , I guess local busses and council trucks in Sydney have been successful fueling at their local depots.

  7. I agree with this concept and have recently posted on my site the need for strategic and holistic approaches to our energy direction. This is not a big task as our own government scientists know that CNG is the choice fuel for Australia…and in consideration of Phil i would say the government could assist whereby the source for the original compression is renewable (solar) beyond that its a distraction from the big issues facing Australia. And yes, when established routes are connected via available refueling points the range issue becomes null and void and is simply an aspect of our clean refueling future which will be enhanced with technology as the motoring and commercial transport sectors adopt the new paradigm.

    Remember a couple of things as well. CNG Refuelling at state of the art stations is far quicker than the old fashioned petrol bowser and Australians are subject to the poorest refueling standards in the worlds. When I refuel with petrol I hold my breath for a long period lest I ingest cancerous benzene fuel but with CNG their is no such health risk and if in major cities we are to consider the cancerous vacuation ot fumes from millions of vehicles and thousands of petrol refueling points the debate would be over. The problem is that the cost of sickness from urban pollution from car emissions and petrol station emmissions never makes the media. Noel Childs who discussed the benefits of CNG on the 7.30 report is a clean air as well as alternative fuel advocate. If CSIRO scientists and such peope as Noel had a bigger say in transport fuel policy we would be by now in Australia constructing 1000’s of CNG Refueling Stations and reaping the rewards.

    There exists a reality gap between what is damaging to our economy and health and what is within easy reach to mitigate the circumstances that is covered daily in our media.

    In my latest post I am suggesting that we bypass the political quagmire and progres immediately to a cleaner and healthier future by investing in CNG and other sensible energy forms and stop wasting time discussing garbage issues like ’emissions trading’ which do serve the current paradigm well but will have little effect in improving the lot of Australians or the environment which is supposedly linked to the ongoing and fruitless debates we are seeing daily in the mainstream media.

    Australians, I sense, want a viable economy which is conducive to a revitalised economy. These are achievable if our politicians will break free from the rhetorical bullshit (emmissions trading, 2020, Fuel Watch, 2008 Nothing budget, Hybrid, Asian Excise..etc etc) that we as intelligent Australians dont deserve to wake up to in the morning press.

    The solutions are EASY, the politics is infuriating….lets forget the politics and as smart Australians invest wisely in our own future.

  8. I am also amased that the majority of motorists aren’t screaming for a CNG car. It would seemed to be a perfect solution.
    I am fearfull however that even if we do, we will find that we will have to pay an equivalant price per litre to that of petrol/diesel. We are kidding ourselves if we think our greedy friends in Canberra are not going to take the same level of tax out of our pockets.
    Here’s hoping though !

  9. re Phill coming to australia
    When & how much ?

  10. Hi All,
    Does anyone know if LPG conversion kits ate the same for Natural gas or is their 2 types of kits.

    Rgds Marty.

  11. Robert, lets say about 8k or thereabouts not taking into account electricity…..the phill concept is great for certain situations, for other situations better solutions…our greedy friends in Canberra are answerable on the next polling day and some of them are doing good work…like Ferguson and Swan that are grappling with some major macro-economic reform…ive been a major critic in the past but the feedback i have been receiving from industry and government has been positive but my major piss off is with a pre-invested media that is distorting the image presented to Australians which is not helpful to our long term state of well being…I will never stop being a critic of poor policy but do remember that despite the lack of change in Australia we are world innovators in CNG technology around the world and the macro changes we are seeing are steering us in the right direction. My major gripe with government is that the energy equation is not being addressed immediately in terms of quick fix/easy peasy micro reform and I can so pissed off when Garnaut road shows ( Ala Al Gore style) are distracting ALL of us away from the fact that practical solutions are close at hand. All my attempts to communicate with this supposed ‘expert’ on climate change have failed despite the fact I have been promoting solutions in this field for the last ten years…nothing invokes my anger more than PR stunts which distract Australians away from the real issues. Energy management is literally ‘easy’…the solutions are all around us but at the moment we are choked by past regulations which are keeping us all in the dark ages…lets invest our energy in practical solutions and start recognising the brave and major reforms that have recently taken place…in the meanwhile…buy a bike..a solar panel…or use more public transport…i love driving as well but every time i use i a train tram or bus I end up meeting amazing people or having great conversations…my footprint is lessoned as is the risk of me dying in a fatal car crash…dont worry so much…!!! HAPPY!!

  12. I live in a rural area without natural gas – i run everything in my house on straight propane ie auto lpg. to convert heaters , stoves etc from ng to propane is just a matter of jet sizes so with a lpg car conversion to cng will just be a matter of fuel mixture. either mechanically – ie old venturi effect type impco kits (hq holden era and there’s still a lot on the road here in victoria) or via the computer in the newer lpg kits (landi makes cng kits to sell to other countries)

  13. How much is China paying for a litre of Australian natural gas?
    Why is the ailing Australian car industry not concentrating on developing a CNG engine?
    Imagine if you export Australian made CNG cars and sell the customer the gas to drive them on top of it.
    As a side effect the Australian population could at least halve their fuel budget, not mentioning the environmental benefits.

  14. I recently bought my first vehicle converted to LPG and love it . I am now going to have the wifes car converted and am very interested in being able to convert these conversions to CNG and refuel from home. I must agree with the sentiments voiced here regarding our governments (Aust) lack of movement or even recognition in the CNG area. It seems to me to be such a natural ( pardon the pun ) progression when such economical pain is being felt by all especially given this country’s vast CNG reserves.I hope for all our sake that the day is near when our polititions will cease their self serving retoric and wake up to the fact that looking after the peoples needs will be the best way to ensure their own futures.Any more info about obtaining a “Phill” would be great.

  15. I emailed a puchase interest inquiry to the makers of Phill and below is the reply
    FuelMaker sells product through a series of country specific, authorized dealers only. We require a dealer in a country to sell product there. We do not currently have a dealer in Australia, so I cannot offer you pricing nor product at this time. We are working with two companies to become dealers in your country, and when the product is commercially available we will contact you with details..Thank you for your email and interest in FuelMaker.


    Jeff Harju
    Marketing Manager
    FuelMaker Corporation
    Tel. +1 416-674-3034 ext. 210

  16. You know all that I have read sounds good, we have one reality to get over and that is greed (vested interests) as much sense it makes to use electric cars CNG natural gas and solar power it is reality this all works well coal fired Electric Generation companies and Oil companies and their Cronies are going to try and stop you with Mega bucks and wish you and us all the luck in our fight to over come their GREED.
    Good Luck Phil Kennedy

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