Case IH extends approval for biodiesel use in Australian farm equipment

Case IH has announced its approval for B100 (pure biodiesel) use in more of its farm equipment models. Farmers now can use B100 in nearly all Case IH medium to high horsepower tractors, combines, windrowers, and most self-propelled sprayers and cotton pickers as long as proper engine operation and maintenance protocols are followed.

Case IH Magnum 305

Case IH Marketing Manager, Stuart Brown, says Case IH dealers are knowledgeable about guidelines for using biodiesel fuels in Case IH equipment and can advise farmers on biodiesel approvals and technical requirements. Recommended practices include sourcing pre-blended biodiesel from reliable suppliers, following proper filter and oil change intervals and in some cases having dealers install special parts and approve warranty extensions that help the vehicle perform as expected with a higher percentage of biodiesel.

Case IH equipment approved for B100

New approvals for use of B100 apply to Case IH JX and JXU Series tractors, as well as the full line-up of Maxxum, Puma and Magnum tractors. All new Steiger tractors also are approved for B100, except the 480 and 530 models. Equipment previously approved is listed in this previous post.

Other Case IH models approved for B100 are the new Module Express 625 module-building cotton picker and Patriot 3320 and 4420 self-propelled sprayers.

Owners can use B5 in all Case IH engines without restrictions or special engine maintenance. Case IH also supports B20 use in more than 90 percent of the models it sells worldwide – again with certain requirements for operation and maintenance.

Source: Case IH via North Queensland Register


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