Choren chooses site for biomass-to-liquids plant

Choren is currently building the world’s first commercial industrial scale biomas-to-liquid (BTL) plant at its site in Freiberg, Germany (previous post). This plant should be close to commissioning with production scheduled to start in 2008.

Choren’s future plans involve the development and commissioning of their first full scale BTL production plant in Germany. In a press conference held on December 18th Choren announced Schwedt as the intended site for the first of the so-called Sigma plants.

Schwedt provides Choren with the possibility to build adjacent to existing petrochemical refinery providing significant opportunity for synergy in production and delivery. The abundant agricultural surroundings were a further plus since Choren’s supply strategy anticipates that the majority of its one million tons per year of biomass will ultimately be sourced regionally.

The first soil will be turned in 2010 and the plant completed by late 2011. The Schwedt plant is expected to produce roughly 250 million litres of BTL fuel per annum, with the first fuel produced in 2012.

Source: Choren (thanks for the tip Geoff)


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