Adelaide’s solar electric bus

The Adelaide City Council’s new electric bus is to be recharged using 100% solar energy. The Tindo, whose name is taken from the Kaurna Aboriginal name for sun, will be used everyday on the Adelaide City Council’s free Adelaide Connector Bus service.

Tindo - Adelaide electric bus

Tindo uses 11 Swiss-made Zebra sodium nickel chloride batteries. These batteries give Tindo a 200km range and are recharged using a unique solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Adelaide Central Bus Station. The $550,000 solar PV system supplied by BP Solar is currently Adelaide’s largest grid-connected system, generating almost 70,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year to offset the total energy required to recharge Tindo’s batteries.

Manufactured by Designline International, the bus can carry up to 42 passengers, with 25 standard seats, two seats especially designed for disabled passengers, and room for 15 standing passengers.

Read the Tindo fact sheet for more technical information.

Source: Adelaide City Council via The Oil Drum


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