2008 Honda Accord has three engines in one

The 2008 Honda Accord V6 will be launched in Australia in February 2008. The Accord V6 features Honda’s new 3.5-litre Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) engine that allows the car to run on six, four or three cylinders depending on road speed and load conditions.

2008 Honda Accord V6

The key benefits are fuel savings and lower emissions. The engine runs with the full six cylinders during acceleration or under high load, and seamlessly switches to four or three cylinders for cruising or low-speed running. The change between cylinder modes is seamless and is not obvious to the driver.

VCM uses an ingenious array of valve control and engine management technology. The press release has more details.

Source: Honda via Autoweb


4 Responses

  1. Aw, I’m disappointed…I was hoping the three engines meant like gas-diesel-electric.

  2. 🙂 Sorry to get your hopes up Shard. I tried to make the headline a bit more realistic than Honda’s “13 cylinder engine”.


  3. I want a cheap car and “drink” less gasoline.

  4. this method is adaption from Honda Jazz ?

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