US Defense contracts design of portable synfuel plant

Diversified Energy Corportation and Velocys Inc. have been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to design a portable renewable fuel production system based on DEC’s breakthrough HydroMax gasification technology and Velocys’ advanced Fischer-Tropsch approach. The goal of the DoD funded effort is to develop a transportable system that can convert waste products generated at military installations into 50 – 500 barrels per day of high performance renewable fuels such as diesel and aviation fuel.

DEC’s HydroMax gasification technology, under license from Alchemix Corporation, will be used to convert waste products (biomass, solid-waste, etc.) into a synthetic gas (syngas). The Velocys fuel synthesis technology will then convert the syngas from HydroMax into diesel and jet fuel that can be utilized for a wide variety of military applications.

Source: Diversified Energy Corportation (thanks for the tip Geoff)


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