FuelPod2 home biodiesel processor

UK company Green Fuels Ltd have launched the FuelPod2 compact biodiesel processor. FuelPod2 is capable of producing up to 50 litres of biodiesel every day from waste cooking oil.


At 60cm in diameter and standing just 140cm tall FuelPod2 takes up little space and can be easily installed in the back of your garage.

All customers receive a comprehensive operating manual and can telephone a dedicated helpline for advice. FuelPod2 sells for £1,750 in the UK and is supposed to be available in Australia from John Spence in Brisbane. John’s telephone number is +61 7 5445 7949.

Frank (see comments) has informed me that he contacted the listed Australian sales agent and was referred to a dead end. This article will be updated with new details of the Australian agent if Green Fuels supplies them.

Source: GreenFuels via Gizmodo


7 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Your article on the Fuelpod 2 biodiesel home processor looks interesting, but after I contacted John Spencer, I came to a dead end. He referred me to a guy called Rowan Parker, who claims he hasn’t even heard of FuelPod2. When i told him they are made by Green Fuels in England, he bagged them and tried to sell me a processor he would make himself. There is no way these guys are selling them. I am contacting Green Fuels directly to see if there is a fair dinkum seller here in Aust.

    They look like a great product and it’s a shame that it’s so hard to find a seller here in Oz.

  2. Thanks for the update Frank. I must admit I didn’t check John Spencer’s credentials. He was listed on the Green Fuels web site as the Australian agent so I took it as read.

    Please let us know what you get back from Green Fuels. In the meantime I’ll update the article based on the information you’ve provided.


  3. Hi,

    FuelPod2 home biodiesel processor is legal to use in Australia? I am keen to buy one but tax men can’t collect any cents if I use the machine.


  4. Oliver,

    I’m not a tax lawyer but I suspect that the ATO would want to collect excise on every litre produced. Look up “excise” at http://www.comlaw.gov.au

    However, if you were collecting waste vegetable oil and making it into biodiesel I’m not sure how they’d know about it as long as you didn’t start selling the stuff to your neighbours. I don’t want to encourage tax fraud but lets face facts, if you are turning waste into fuel for personal use, what sane person would agree that the fuel should be taxed?


  5. Please check out the BIOPRO. The BIOPRO is a vastly superior product. Constructed of ALL STAINLESS STEEL. Thats all I have to say. Utah biodiesel sells these units. They are totally automated and KICKS ASS. THERE ARE NO OTHERS. Please do your research!!!!
    You will find the BIOPRO will blow your mind.


  7. BIOPRO looks ok but as its american made if its anything like the build quality of american cars it will fall apart within 2 weeks

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