MDI air powered car to be produced in Melbourne!?

Great news to start off the week. According to The Age the MDI air powered car is destined to be manufactured in Melbourne. While details are limited at this stage the press release certainly indicates a major investment in Australia by IT MDI – Energy. You certainly can’t criticise them for thinking too small.

At a week long series of presentations in Melbourne the Australian IT MDI – Energy Team successfully showcased the revolutionary MDI air engine and the IT MDI technology portfolio, products, and manufacturing process.

MDI air engine

The highlight of these events was a preview of the 100% Solar & Sustainable IT MDI – Energy Initiative. This is a 5-year, AU$1.5 billion implementation programme that aims to usher a smooth transition to 100% solar based and fully sustainable infrastructures for power generation, transport and communications for the whole of Australia.

Dr Arnoux, Managing Director of IT MDI – Energy, had the following to say:

This Initiative is entirely demand driven and based on competitively priced consumer products and services. We are used to think of ‘green’ being more expensive and cumbersome. With the IT MDI Technology, ‘green’ cost less, is easy and fun. This makes a rapid transition to 100% sustainable and enhanced lifestyles possible.

Over 10 years we aim to reduce car emissions in Australia by 20% and emissions from power generation by 80%.

With the technology portfolio IT MDI – Energy is obviously planning to introduce a holistic solution that goes far beyond the manufacture and sale of their air powered cars. The press release doesn’t expand on the introduction of the cars. The following from the IT MDI – Energy web site provides further insight:

The first demonstration MDI car is scheduled to arrive in Australia in early 2008. Models running on about 2 litres of fuel per 100/km and compliant with stringent Australasian and European safety and performance standards are being prepared for release. In later models, consumption is planned to decline to 1 litre of petrol equivalent per 100 km, or less, through direct and indirect solar energy harvesting.

Update (08 Mar 08): See Air Car confusion

Source: IT MDI – Energy via The Age


18 Responses

  1. Where can I get one and when will it be released

    Regards John

  2. John,

    Your questions have yet to be answered. Judging by the fact that MDI are importing demonstration models next year I’d guess 2010 would be earliest we’ll see them being made. Only when production is established and ADR compliance is signed off will we be able to get our hands on one.


  3. India already is ahead. They’ve secured a deal with an air-powered car manufacturer and these cars will be sold late this year – 2008.

    Its about time we kiwis and aussies bring it to our countries.

  4. Can’t wait, I wonder if rego will be lower as it’s not a polluting vehicle…..probably not though, I know it’s higher on hybrids to make up for the tax they don’t get because you don’t buy petrol….

  5. Sirs,
    The melbourne factory apparently has not started yet as we have had no news about it as to this date 23/5/08.
    I would dearly love to hear more of this little vehicle, please keep me posted. I am certainly a potential buyer.
    Sincerely, John.

  6. Hey Guys,

    This is great technology. I and my friends can’t wait for it to be out and available for us to buy and to use. With the price of fuels going up rapidly, it makes sense to move away from fossil fuel technology and use something that is more sustainable. Go for it guys! Keep us all posted and we’ll be there to buy your cars when they are available.

    Cheers… and keep that air flowing!

  7. Is this becoming some sort of Con?? We keep hearing about electric vehicle, compress air franchaise……Why is it taking so long for approval…..

    Can we ask for a royal commission into corruption within the Department that approves Cars than can be driven in Australia. Forget about that STUPID 2020 Summit….Rudd Really Dudded Australian……

    A ROYAL COMMISSION. ACC into CAR auto industry

  8. Wonderful! So far we have cars that run on air and water. Presently, I am working on cars to run on earth and fire. Then the combined forces of these fuels, plus kissing my loved one, will generate unlimited power to keep our planet green. (The Fifth Element) Just imagine the amount of copper, lithium and phosphorus required for a billion electric cars on the world. That would be the biggest heap of toxic waste. Carbon is naturally recyclable.
    Keep on trying.

  9. I see Kevin Krudd has given 35 mil to toyota out of the green car fund and yet it has been proven that Hybrid cars off no reduction in carbon gas or cast associated with fuel, well ok after 30Years you will se a saving of 30 Bucks a year.

    Why is it that MDI never recieved a grant to kick start production, I sold my car and refuse to buy another untill it can be run at a low cost and is enviromentaly friendly.

    When will they be available for purchase.


  10. Folks:
    How much is the car?
    what would be the average MPG?
    the Life time for the car?
    we need specification/

  11. So we have to wait til 2010 to purchase this type of car? Well Im afraid thats too late folks. Peak Oil was reached in 1979…to say we’re not there yet is a lie. So go do the sums..we’re already 30 years into the decline. And with Bush pushing too drill for more because the world ‘needs more oil’…the process will speed up even more. On the news today I hear a Polar bear was shot in Iceland as it charged a bunch of journalists. Well what do we expect? Their home and food source is melting away at an alarming rate…much quicker than any media source or government will report. We all know why this sort of project doesnt recieve funding..the almighty dollar! In the words of the Hopi Elders…’when will we realise money cannot be eaten’?

    Tired of beauracratic bullshit? Then get yourself totally self sufficient within 2 years because the age of the ‘systematic grid’ is almost past.

    Good luck…see you in the hills

    Peace 🙂

  12. I can’t wait for this car to be released and I will be in the queu to buy one.
    However I disagree with that comment about peak oil in 1979. I hope you don’t think the world is running out of oil when the bulk of oil is sourced from the wells on land and more than 2/3 of the earth is under water. I think they just have to figure out how to get that deep.

    P.S yes I know we already have oil rigs in the ocean but not that deep.
    Oil companies have us all fooled.

    Bring on the air car and teach them a lesson.

  13. Hey Kurt, I don’t believe the earth will ‘run out’ of oil, but it will use more energy to produce, than what is gained. We don’t need more oil, we need mass Renewable Energy Systems to be subsidised by governments. And we need them NOW.
    I agree the car is awesome and its great to hear so many interested partys, my concern is the too little too late because of ‘retarded’ government decision worldwide.

  14. Hi,

    You can discover here the latest news ans the succes of this story !–vtptc-150.php

  15. Every new technology helps in process to be less reliant on oil and to reduce our carbon footprint . However the fact is that 1 million new cars were added to Australian roads last year and many of these were large vehicles. Many cars are kept for 10 years or more so it will take many years to replace our present vehicle fleet with newer technology that is presently being developed. A better option in the meantime is to use proven existing fuel technology to reduce fuel consumption and “green up your car” or in fact any existing internal combustion engine.

  16. The MDI car and engine being developed in Melbourne. Nice, but what about the Di Pietro motor, which is Australian and as luck would have it was developed in Melbourne. See Why has Krudd not looked at this technology and provided gov’t assistance to develop? And why has no other multi national seen the value in the concept?

  17. This Dec 2007 article says “The first demonstration MDI car is scheduled to arrive in Australia in early 2008. ” Obviously this did NOT happen. So far, the only test of an MDI air car prototype showed that their operating range before running out of air was only 7.22km. This is no longer on the MDI website, but can be found in archived pages.

    Surprisingly, article after article gets published with none of the journalists ever asking about the actual tested performance of the prototype.

    Di Pietro doesn’t make fantastic claims. He has working vehicles and is looking for markets where their limited performance makes sense.

    The basic problem is that compressed air is a heavy, space consuming method of storing energy that in most applications will lose out to even ancient lead acid batteries.

  18. None of these alternative fuel engines will ever be adopted. Parasitic controlled politicians gain far to much revenue from banks, oil, media and propaganda to allow any threat to these industries with viable alternatives. The best way to stop this world tax slavery will be to stop population growth. If you want to benefit somehow, you will have to do it on an individual level. Just keep a low profile though and you will benefit.

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