The HAPPY – Appropriate transport technology

In technology speak “appropriate technology” is a term that is used to describe technology that fits the environment in which it is intended to be used. I think the HAPPY is a brilliant piece of appropriate transport technology. The following words and image are from the Wheel & Water web site.

Happy - Human and Animal Powered Vehicle

Rugged in construction and ingenious in design, the HAPPY is a high-tech model of an ancient, yet proven concept, the donkey cart. This versatile vehicle is fitted with seats to carry up to four adults, or several children. The space below the seats allows for the transportation of standardized water containers and beverage crates.

When the seats are folded down they form a flatbed to carry agricultural products and wood, or a mesh cage to transport small livestock. The rear seat also serves as a ramp for easy loading, and comfortable transportation of the disabled.

The sideboards can be set at an angle as safety barriers for passengers, changed horizontally into counter tops, or be detached as independent benches, that with the removable canopy, can be used as a makeshift outdoor classroom.

Fitted with a solar panel that charges a 12 volt battery under the driver’s seat, the HAPPY becomes an independent, sustainable source of energy that powers cell phone connectivity, front and rear emergency lights and a small neon tube at night. Add a water filtration system, and the HAPPY doubles as a multifunctional mobile business unit, that can empower an entrepreneurial owner, to generate income from it as a fresh water outlet, a mobile phone kiosk or a spaza shop – even after dark.

Source: Wheel & Water


One Response

  1. A versatile Cart can be of Great use in Rural Area.

    Vaibhav Satpute, India

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